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Get you rating

According to your local building code you need to document your building`s air tightness in order to receive a rating. Get your rating now.

Prove your quality

Our cutting edge technology completes a test of your entire building in one single session. That leads to better results.

Save money

Energy waste = Money waste. After the initial test, our sensors will measure the real energy waste through the building's envelope. Minute by minute, all year round.

Increase lifetime

Moisture significantly harms your building. Let our smart sensors calculate the amount of moisture penetrating your envelope, which shows us how to increase your building's longevity.

Real-time leakage monitoring

With our latest smart sensors, we can measure the actual leakage of energy and moisture through the wall minute by minute, all year.

This data will give you an overview of how much money your buildings are wasting a whole year, or a lifetime. If you really want to know…
You’ll get valuable information about how much moisture that comes into the construction causing mold and fungus.

This new technology will give you a head start to save money and increase the life of your buildings.

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Leakage detection

It is not always enough to document the tightness of the building. The next step will in some cases be to detect the location of the leaks to seal them.

With sensors placed on strategic places in the building, our analyzes can show where the major leakages are. In addition, the system can tell you what the leaks look like and how big they are.

We also use a handheld thermocamera, smoke machine and drone with thermocamera to detect leaks.

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