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What We Do

Established in 1948, the European Travel Commission is a unique association in the travel sector, representing the National Tourism Organisations of the countries of Europe. Its mission is to strengthen the sustainable development of Europe as a tourist destination.

In the last several decades, ETC has positioned itself at the forefront of the European tourism scene, establishing its expertise and building up partnerships in areas of tourism, based on promotion, market intelligence and best practice sharing.

ETC activities are implemented by the Executive Unit under the guidance of the General Meeting and Board of Directors, and with the support of a number of expert groups: the Market Intelligence Group and Market Intelligence Committee, the Marketing Group and the Operations Groups.

ETC has the long-term aspiration of setting up a new unique forum in which public and private tourism stakeholders can cooperate to create benefits and eliminate disadvantages for the travel industry in Europe. For this purpose, the oragnisation extends its membership to private organisations and academia, through the Associate Membership Programme.


The European Travel Commission considers research a critical tool to develop marketing strategies and services. ETC research activities are meant to deliver its members the intelligence support necessary to keep a competitive edge in the global tourism market. By identifying and analysing tourism market trends and producing knowledge on relevant and fastest growing outbound markets, ETC research activities help the organisation and its members understand the business environment, detect new growth opportunities and formulate suitable promotional strategies.

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The European Travel Commission is responsible for the promotion of Europe as the worldwide number one tourist destination in key third visitor markets.

ETC carries out its marketing activities with the objectives to:

  • Establish itself as the leading organisation responsible for marketing Europe as a whole to overseas markets
  • Increase Europe's market share of global tourism
  • Provide useful range of services to its members that enhances competitiveness
  • Raise the profile of ETC within the tourism industry in Europe
Our Marketing Activities


Advocacy has always been art of ETC’s mission. Through its activities, ETC contributes to raising awareness and understanding among national European authorities and the general public of the importance of tourism and the need to ensure its development through appropriate collective measures. ETC explores and develops advocacy activities and a broader cooperation with the travel industry by building alliances to remove disadvantages and to create advantages for tourism in Europe.

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