3 Eichler Renovations that Will Leave You Speechless

Joseph Eichler was one of the most important figures in the development of mid-century modernism. As developer of many thousands of homes, he worked with architects such as Robert Anshen of Anshen & Allen, Claude Oakland & Associates and the Los Angeles firms of Jones & Emmons, A. Quincy Jones, and Raphael Soriano.

Being so prolific, there are still many homes surviving to this day. With the resurgence of mid-century modern in the past few decades, many enthusiasts have sought out original Eichler to renovate. Here we list three exceptional renovations we previously covered.

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Before and After:

Karen, John and their Eichler Home


eichler home walnut creek

For This Eichler In Granada Hills, Time Stands Still




Building Lab architects renovate an Eichler in Marinwood, CA