Lauriston House’s Curvy Roof Perfectly Captures its Surroundings

Curves are the first thing that comes to mind when looking at the Lauriston House. Or more specifically, the curves of that remarkable roof. Completed in 2016 and situated in the Kyneton in the Australian state of Victoria, the house was designed by Seeley Architects.

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seeley architects lauriston-house
The architects themselves pay special attention to the theme of curves in their description of the house. Before their description even gets to the roof, they describe an “undulating” and “voluptuous landscape” and speak of the “unspoken tension” created between this landscape and the “geometrically aligned rows of olive trees”.

seeley architects lauriston-house exterior
In this context, the “floating, sinuous roof” similarly juxtaposes against the geometric form of the structure it sits on top of.

Something of this house directly speaks to the long line of homes that proliferated from Frank Lloyd Wright’s legacy. A house like Falling Water really only touched its environment delicately, weaving in and out of it.

seeley architects lauriston-house patio

seeley architects lauriston-house dining area

Here too, the use of locally-sourced, natural materials, and large open plan interior with windows all around, makes for minimal impact on the surroundings.

Indeed, in its roof, in its openness, and in its use of natural, locally-sourced materials, this is a home that really captures modernism’s desire for buildings to articulate and converse with the world out there.

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seeley architects lauriston-house bedroom

seeley architects lauriston-house roof

Photos by Seeley Architects