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Festival of Culinary Delights from Prekmurje

Enjoy the taste of local cuisine, you are welcome to enjoy food that is typically prepared in Moravske Toplice and the Pomurje region. Our food is as diverse and unique as our culture, heritage and local customs. Take a choice and enjoy the offerings by selected providers listed in the festival.

Traditional dishes from Prekmurje:  PREKMURSKA GIBANICA (The Prekmurje layered cake), PREKMURSKA ŠUNKA (Prekmurje ham), DÖDÖLI (dödöle), KOLINE Z BUJTO REPO (baked sausages and meat withturnip stew, BOGRAČ (bograč meat stew), RŽENI KRUH (rye bread) and many more delicious foods and tastes etc.

You can try the various products made with pumpkin seeds such as oil, pesto, spreads, chocolate delights, roasted seeds,sweets, honey and traditional homemade bread.

Visitors can enjoy home-made wine and food.

Event September 2017

eat! Brussels, drink! Bordeaux

Those who love wine and Brussels gastronomy will be delighted by the gastronomic festival eat! Brussels, drink! Bordeaux. The programme features: outdoor wine tastings, tastings of our Brussels gastronomic delicacies, stimulation of your taste buds, learning about new culinary techniques as well as magical and peaceful walks outdoors. This year the festival will be held at the heart of the Parc de Bruxelles, right in front of the Royal Palace.

Event September 2017

Pork and Beer Festival

La Festa del Porc i la Cervesa takes place every year in Manlleu, at the end of September. This year it will be held on the 25th, 26th and 27th of September 2015, and throughout the weekend there will be tasting sessions and sale of pork products, pre-prepared charcuterie dishes and quality craft beers. The visitors will be able to taste them in the festival’s food marquee and on its terraces, or while strolling around enjoying the fashion shows, concerts and performances that round off the festival.