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Savour the Catch of the Day

From fresh Atlantic cod to giant king crab, Europe has an amazing selection of seafood. Explore the regional cuisine of traditional plates from around the coasts of Europe. Find the freshest seafood at a fishing village market or in a five-star restaurant. Head onto the waters with a guide and catch your own fish and learn how to prepare it. Whether it’s caught in the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean or the North Sea, European seafood is a treat.


Clams in a cataplana like the ones pictured here have been a Portuguese favorite for generations.


Spend some time in a charming coastal town. Many fishing villages have picturesque harbors, like the Nyhavn Harbor in Copenhagen, Denmark. Nyhavn was originally a busy commercial port where ships from across the world would dock. Today, the area is full of quaint award-winning restaurants for a modern preparation of the finest fish.


King crabs can grow to a tremendous size and are a staple in Norwegian cuisine.
King crab safari in Finnmark


For a different seafood experience, explore the coastline of Bulgaria. From Ravda Village restaurants to the fish market in Balchik, Bulgaria offers a wide variety of delicious fish. One of the most popular fish markets in located in the city of Burgas. Purchase fresh fish and vegetables, take a walk down the long sandy beaches, or explore the town’s many shops. End the day with a seafood meal at one of Burgas’ many acclaimed restaurants—try the BBQ seabass at Ethno or the grilled turbot at Rose.

One traditional Atlantic seafood specialty comes from Portugal. Clams in a cataplana is a traditional dish with a secret – using a clam-shaped copper pan of Arab origin. This distinctive pan helps retain all the flavor of the food.

In Norway, catch your own fish to eat. Head up north to Finmark to search for giant king crabs. Back on land, learn how to cook the perfect crab with traditional Norwegian methods and dressings. Catching your own crab makes it taste even better!


A Winter Holiday in Europe

Winter in Europe is not just a season – it is magical. Snow-capped peaks stretch across the skyline. Christmas markets light up happy faces. And the end of the year brings new adventures at every turn. To enjoy it all, you will need to know your way around Europe’s best winter sports. What is the best place to ski in Austria? How are the pubs in Zurich? Where should you ice-skate in Prague? Find out by reading below to prepare for your winter holiday in Europe.


Iconic Landmarks, New Experiences

When you think of Europe, famous places come to mind. Places like the Eiffel Tower, the Colosseum, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa have all established themselves as the most iconic landmarks in not only Europe but also throughout the world. They have attracted worldly visitors for generations, and for good reason. But while these must-see landmarks in Europe have remained the same throughout the years, new amenities are added to make your visit even more enjoyable than ever before.