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Smederevo Autumn Festival

The festival starts with a procession of twenty carnival groups from Serbia and abroad, who are to be led by actors impersonating Đurađ Branković, the ruler of Smederevo – the last capital of the Serbian state in the 15th century, and his wife Jerina, in the company of knights.

This event was established in memory of the first exhibition of grapes and wines, in 1888. The exhibition was held on the Danube river bank and European merchants sailed along the Danube to see and purchase the goods. Today, an agricultural exhibition of fruits and vegetables grown in this Danubian region is one of the most important areas of the Smederevo Autumn Festival.

The almost 39,000 hectares of the Smederevo municipal area are covered by agricultural products above all and the festival aims to present them to its guests. During the festival more than twenty local communities will present the products they are known for in an ethno setting, at the Smederevo Fortress. Downtown, in the Wine Town, wines will be tasted. Their quality has been testified to for centuries by various records and they were also awarded at the world exhibition in Bordeaux, France, in 1882.