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The King of Landforms

The most majestic of all landscapes is the fjord, a glacial formation that carves out deep, narrow valleys filled with sparkling waters. High walls preside over the water, providing spectacular views and excellent hiking. Although there are many glacial features that resemble fjords throughout the world, the truest and most beautiful fjords can be found in Europe.


The East Fjords of Iceland are full of quaint waterside spots like the one pictured here.


Fjords are the most ideal landform for exhilarating outdoor recreation. Geirangerfjord in Norway boasts snow-covered mountain peaks and cascading waterfalls, forcing travelers to catch their breath as they hike. For a completely different experience, take a sightseeing cruise or kayak by water and look up in wonder upon the fjords, mountain peaks and cliffs.


Mweelrea Mountain offers some of the best views of Killary Harbor in Ireland.


Discover the fishing towns among the East Fjords in Iceland and explore the majestic mountains, rolling hills, and crystal lakes via hiking and horseback riding. For an even more nature-filled experience, visit Killary Harbor in Ireland, a fjord covered in lush emerald flora. Take a break from the everyday with a ride on the beach on the back of a Connemara pony and bring your binoculars to see local pods of dolphins jump among the waters.

If exploring a fjord isn’t on your bucket list, be sure to add it. You won’t be able to forget the mighty majesty of Europe’s incredible fjords.


Tourism with Good Taste

If you love cooking as much as you love traveling, why not combine your passions and embark on the ultimate tasting tour? With gastronomic tourism on the rise, travellers from all over the world are able to get a unique perspective on a country’s native cuisine and how it’s prepared while sampling the local culture, sights and attractions. Try a cooking class in Europe and learn culinary secrets from world-renowned chefs in some of Europe’s most spectacular settings. Learn to make paella in Valencia, how they make cheese in the South of France, or about nose-to-tail butchering in the English countryside.