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Vegetarian Delicacies in Europe

Lithuania’s cold beet soup is best enjoyed with a side of warm potatoes.

Food is an important part of any vacation. Trying the native cuisine is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the local culture. In Europe, the local flavor comes in all shapes and sizes. From sausage in Germany to paella in Spain, you can introduce yourself to every taste under the sun. But some dishes have a little more to savor than others – especially when it comes to vegan and vegetarian treats. Treat yourself to some of the finest vegetarian delicacies on your next trip.

Start your sweet culinary tour in Croatia, where Mediterranean cuisine has been all but perfected. And the vegetarian specialties are some of the best food options in the country. Order the meneštra first. It’s a creamy fennel soup that’s best enjoyed on the island of Lošinj. Other light foods include truffles, shepherd’s bean stew and a variety of tasty olive oils to go along with a Babic wine.

Enjoy a Shopska salad in Bulgaria, a staple of the country’s cuisine.

After your Croatian appetizers, travel your taste buds to Montenegro. While the country may be best known for their meatier dishes, they offer an eclectic mix of vegetarian-friendly options. Try the flaky heljdija, a buckwheat pie pastry often eaten for breakfast or lunch. Then sample a variety of cheeses like skorup and Kolasin cheese. Since farming has been part of the Montenegrin culture for generations, their local production of goat cheese and butters is a must-try.

Stone oven-baked bread pairs perfectly with everything in Europe.

Next, it’s off to Bulgaria, where vegetarian delicacies abound. The rural areas of the country grow plenty of fresh, delicious veggies that make their way into the local cuisine. Try a Shopska salad, which is a light blend of roma tomatoes, cucumber and peppers all topped with feta cheese. Or enjoy one of the country’s most popular dishes: Tarator. The cucumber soup is prepared with yogurt, cucumbers, dill, crushed walnuts and spices. Either way, you’re in for best of Bulgaria’s vegetable options.

The next course is served in Latvia. Here, you can easily find a three-course meal of vegetarian options that are each as delicious as the last. First, dig into some authentic farm rye bread enriched with whole grains and a whole lot of flavor. Then try some veggie-friendly pumpkin or potato pancakes alongside a beetroot salad, enriched with kidney beans, kale or quinoa. Just be sure to save room during your vegetarian travels for a famous bowl of Latvian bean soup. Or head to Estonia or Lithuania for soup. In Estonia, order some leivasupp, a sweet soup made from apples, black bread and cinnamon. As for Lithuania, the soup of choice is a cold beet soup known as saltibarsciai, which is a mix of beets, buttermilk, hardboiled eggs and cucumbers.

Soup or salad? If you like soup, order a bowl of creamy Tarator in Bulgaria.

The final stop on your vegetarian feast is in a place best known for sausages, beer and pretzels: Germany. Sure, those are all great, but Germany’s vegetarian options provide taste just as unique. Steamed vegetables like asparagus and brussel sprouts are a must-have with their juicy flavors and succulent oils. Locally grown potato dishes and baked breads are also staples for most meals. Just be sure to get a slice of German chocolate cake to top everything off. It may not be a classic vegetarian dish, but it’s a classic nonetheless. Enjoy!


View from the Top

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Touring Europe as a Senior Traveler

Post-retirement is an excellent time to go see the world, as you’re less likely to have pressing engagements and can spend more time at your destination. Europe is a great option for seniors as many of the top destinations are not too far from each other cutting down on travel time, while still providing an exciting and enriching travel experience. It’s also relatively easy to find a tour group that goes to the specific destinations you want to see in Europe, and travel in comfort at the same time.


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