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Wild Europe

Europe is full of big adventures. Adventures so big, in fact, that they can’t be contained within four walls. Welcome to the wild side of Europe, where trees shade your discoveries and rivers refresh your explorations. In short, there are a lot to enjoy about the wonders of nature in Europe. From the European Alps to all of the national parks in Europe, adventure awaits. So put on your walking shoes and let’s get moving.

After your nature excursion, take in the culture of the picturesque old town of Piran, Slovenia.

Start in the Balkan region to immerse yourself in eastern European nature. Home to nearly half of the Carpathian Mountains, Romania is ripe for mountain climbing, biking and hiking. You can also get your feet wet in the Danube Delta, where windsurfing and kayaking are some of Europe’s best. Then go to Serbia for the best of the best European hiking excursions. With five national parks, the terrain ranges from flat prairies to lush mountains. And if you’re a cyclist, it’s the perfect place to spin your wheels. The Danube Bike Trail cuts through the country offering some of Europe’s most scenic bike routes.

Hike down the mountains and into the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro and enjoy beautiful views the whole way.

Keep the Balkan adventure going in Montenegro, where beaches meet mountains. Enjoy the ultimate combination while staying in the Bay of Kotor. Spend the morning swimming in the warm waters of the Adriatic Sea and the afternoon climbing the peaks of the Dinaric Alps. Then, stop in Slovenia and grab a wild map to enjoy some sightseeing. Ibex, bears and chamois play freely in the country’s green forests and 40 parks.

Go on a snowshoeing adventure in Finland’s Pyhä-Luosto National Park

After seeing what the Balkan region has to offer, set your sights for the Baltic region. First stop: Lithuania. There, you’ll (hopefully) see a herd of local bison, one of the country’s most fascinating creatures. While the near-extinct aurochs once ruled the land and can still be found in Pasiliai, locals wised up and saved the population of the bison, meaning they can be spotted in various spots throughout the country. If you want to keep the wildlife sightings going, look for wolves, birds and more in the forests and bogs of Estonia. Or go to Poland, where you can take a professionally guided tour to get up close to wildlife like bison and elk roaming free. You might even find some of the world’s most interesting creatures like Aesculapian snakes and Slovakian cave bats. Speaking of Slovakia, it’s known for having bears, foxes and lynx crawling through its prairies and mountainsides. Or just spend a day at the Bratislava Zoo, where you’ll find some of the most rare animals on the planet including white Siberian tigers, white African lions and the Sri Lankan leopard.

In Latvia, you’ll see that nature rules. With half of the country covered in forests, there’s always something to see and do. Horses, elk and wild boar all run wild. Marshes, bogs and lush forests are ripe for exploration. And the natural wonders are perfect for wild camping. Cool off during your outdoors adventure in the winter wonderland of Finland. From ice climbing to snowkiting, there’s something for every thrill seeker out there.

As you can see, there’s a lot to see and explore. The great European outdoors are waiting.


From Outlawed to Outpouring

Christianity has changed over the centuries. Europe has been at the crux of that change. Rome is the heart of the Catholic Church. Germany is the birthplace of the Reformation. Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania monasteries have been greatly influenced by Orthodox Christianity. From the underground religious practices during the Roman Empire to the modern acceptance of all types of faith, Christianity has evolved in Europe, and is worth exploring today more than ever.


Touring Europe as a Senior Traveler

Post-retirement is an excellent time to go see the world, as you’re less likely to have pressing engagements and can spend more time at your destination. Europe is a great option for seniors as many of the top destinations are not too far from each other cutting down on travel time, while still providing an exciting and enriching travel experience. It’s also relatively easy to find a tour group that goes to the specific destinations you want to see in Europe, and travel in comfort at the same time.