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Savourez la prise du jour

Fresh Atlantic cod king crab, Europe offers an incredible variety of seafood. Discover regional cuisine tasting the traditional dishes of European coasts. Find the fresh produce market of a fishing village or a starred restaurant. Head out on the water with a guide, catch your own fish and learn to prepare it. They come from the Mediterranean, the Atlantic or the North Sea, the European seafood is delicious.  

 The clams cataplana like thesis are one of the favorite dishes of Portuguese for generations.

Spend time in a charming harbor town. Many fishing villages have picturesque harbors, as Leport of Nyhavn in Copenhagen, Denmark. Nyhavn was a very active commercial port, where ships docked from around the world. Today, the area is full of pretty modern for their award-winning restaurants preparing the best fish.

 The royal crabs can reach incredible size and are a basic element of Norwegian cuisine.

For a different experience, explore the Bulgarian coast. Restaurants in the village of Ravda Balchik fish market, Bulgaria offers a wide variety of delicious fish. One of the most famous fish market is located in the city of Burgas. Buy fresh fish and vegetables, stroll along the sandy beaches, or explore the many shops of the city. End your day in one of the many restaurants acclaimed Burgas – Try the bar Ethno barbecue or grilled turbot with Rose.  

A dish of traditional Atlantic sea comes from Portugal. The clams cataplana are a traditional dish with a secret: using a copper pan shaped clams of Arab origin. This particular stove helps retain all the taste of food.

In Norway, catch your own fish. Head north to Finmark to find king crabs. Back on dry land, learn to cook that perfect crab traditional Norwegian way, with the correct seasoning. The fact that you caught makes it even better.